The founders of Moment Energy created Simon Fraser University’s Electric Vehicle team, Team Phantom. They have mentored hundreds of students in engineering, business and clean technology fields. Our team is working with tremendous mentors from NEXT Canada, Foresight Clean Tech Accelerator and SFU’s Venture Connection.

Sumreen Rattan – Chief Operating Officer

Sumreen Rattan is a Founder of Moment Technology. Her devotion to renewable energy shows through her experience with Team Phantom, SFU’s Formula SAE Electric Vehicle Team. She co-founded this cutting-edge student design team and is helping to build a fully electric race car from scratch. 

During her undergraduate degree, Sumreen studied Mechatronic Systems Engineering. She landed a highly coveted 8-month internship at Apple in California and has worked at technology companies in Vancouver including PNI Digital Media and Archiact Interactive. Sumreen is very excited to be a part of the 2020 Next 36 Cohort.

Eddy Chiang – Chief Executive Officer

You can find Eddy by simply looking up in the sky. At the age of 16, Eddy became a pilot, leading his 8-year carrier mentoring young Air Cadets to ride the winds like he loves to do. With the freedom of being able to fly wherever and whenever he wanted, he looked for his next challenge by taking on engineering. Eddy worked in a variety of technical roles including hardware manufacturing at Algo, provincial logistics optimization at Canada Post and R&D at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

When living in Northern Canada for nuclear research, he experienced an extended power outage following a Tornado hitting Ottawa in 2018. At that moment, Eddy realized the need for reliable and affordable auxiliary power in remote communities. Pairing his passion for energy access for all and his love for making meaningful connections with whomever he meets, Eddy is having a blast working on a start-up with 3 of his best friends.

Gabriel Soares – Chief Technical Officer

Gabe is a fun-loving mechatronics engineer with a passion for electrification. He co-founded SFU’s FSAE Electric team and has spent many years working to build the school’s very first electric race car. His adventures have taken him to building an unnecessary amount of electric longboards and scooters while developing a fond appreciation for the inventor of duct tape. You can often find Gabe scooting around Vancouver’s seawall in the summer.

In his free time, Gabe enjoys reading and playing spikeball. His favorite book is the Time Traveler’s Wife and his latest read is 100 Years of Solitude. While he personally believes he is a spikeball legend, he entered a Vancouver tournament last year and did not have a fun time.

Gurmesh Sidhu – Chief Product Officer

When not working on Moment, you can find Gurmesh exploring the mountains. He lives for adventure and exploring nature, and wants to what he can to help save it. As the first President of Team Phantom he’s been working with EV batteries for years, and has the skills necessary to make battery systems work.

Gurmesh has a love for mechanical design and spends a lot of his time 3D Printing, he is currently focused on printing equipment to help health care workers during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and is doing what he can to help.