Moment Energy is a cleantech corporation creating energy storage systems for off-grid and industrial customers by repurposing electric vehicle batteries. As one of the first North American companies with supply relationships with internationally recognized automakers including Nissan, Moment is on track to be a high-growth energy storage company.

Moment’s energy storage unit helps with peak energy demands and can be paired with any renewable source to solve energy intermittency and increase energy reliability. As an impact-driven organization, the solution is created using second life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to provide a reliable, environmentally friendly, and price-competitive offering. Moment is a proud Canadian-owned and operated company founded by four tech entrepreneurs, with a mission to provide worldwide access to clean, reliable and affordable power. 

We are offering energy storage solutions for off-grid applications that require 100kWh of energy storage or above. For more information on pilot projects or partnership opportunities, please fill out our contact form.