Fossil fuels still supply 84% of the world’s energy

By adding energy storage we are able to increase the adoption of renewables and reduce the use of fossil fuels in both on-grid and off-grid applications.

Why 2nd Life EV Batteries

EV Battteries have 80% Capacity Remaining When Retired

There are projected to be over 120 Million EVs on the road by 2030

This allows us to create an affordable and reliable solution

Key Awards

NVBC TOP 10 Venture 2021

Of over 200 applicants, In the NVBC competition Moment Energy was selected as a top 10 venture in one of BCs top startup competitions

Spring Impact Investor Challenger

1st Place Winners of the Sping Impact Investor Challenge of over 150 applicants in Canada.

Alaska Airline Environmental Innovation Challenge

Clean Energy Prize, Connie Bourassa-Shaw Spark Prize

« According to Ippel, they were a natural fit. Investors like the industry (renewable energy), they are a circular economy play through their refurbishment prowess of used batteries and Moment possesses a global use case—even off grid establishments need power. »

Van Tech Journal, 2021

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